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Tina Marie Harmon was a girl who was abducted and murdered in 1981. Her case was detailed alongside that of Krista Harrison's in the episode "Material Evidence."


Harmon was abducted from Lodi, Ohio in October 1981. Five days later, her body was found near an oil well. Orange carpet fibers were discovered on her body. After the discovery of the same colored fibers Krista Harrison's body more than eight months later, a similarity between the cases was noted. Both victims had been strangled and sexually assaulted, and in Tina's case, raped.

Herman Ray Rucker had been convicted of Tina's murder and was in custody at the time of Krista's murder. The conviction was said to be mainly on "circumstantial evidence." Rucker won his freedom after Robert Anthony Buell was convicted of Krista Harrison's killing. Buell was never charged in Tina's case.

Post episode notes

According to former journalist for the Cleveland Scene magazine James Renner, Tina's murder was solved after DNA testing from the crime scene implicated Robert Anthony Buell as the individual who had killed Tina. He had been executed for Krista's murder about ten years before this was discovered.