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The Common Thread
Season 02, Episode 01
Air Date October 2, 1997
Previous Raw Terror
Next The Dirty Deed

The Common Thread is the title given to the first episode of Forensic File's second season which was first broadcast for October 2, 1997


Ten bodies had been found between the months of May and November 1984 in the Tampa, Florida area. The police discovered several similarities among these cases. Red carpet fibers had been found on all the bodies, some of the victims were found near tire tracks, and some had hairs from the perpetrator.

It wasn't until November 3, 1984, that the case began to unfold as the perpetrator abducted a 17-year-old female named Lisa McVey but then released her. McVey went to the police with information, such as interior descriptions of the suspect’s car and specifics about an ATM transaction, that eventually led to the arrest of Bobbie Joe Long.