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Similar Circumstances
Season 03, Episode 06
Air Date November 5, 1998
Previous Deadly Delivery
Next Grave Evidence

Similar Circumstances is the title of the sixth episode of Forensic Files's third season which was first broadcast on November 5, 1998.


In 1989, Robert Sims arrived at his Alton, Illinois home and found his wife Paula Sims unconscious on the kitchen floor and their newborn daughter Heather missing. Oddly, the couple’s 2-year-old son Randy was asleep in his bed. Paula reported that a masked individual broke into their home and kidnapped Heather, whose body was later found in a garbage can.

When the police learned that the Sims' had another daughter, Loralei, reported kidnapped and, later, found dead near their Brighton, Illinois property in 1986, they began to focus on Paula. Paula Sims was arrested and convicted of first-degree murder.

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