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Sealed with a Kiss
Season 02, Episode 10
Sealed with a Kiss.jpg
Air Date December 4, 1997
Previous Something's Fishy
Next Postal Mortem

Sealed with a Kiss is the title of Forensic File's second series which was first broadcast on December 4, 1997. This episode features a case of threatening letters and stalking.


In 1993, police in Coolbaugh, Pennsylvania were baffled when teacher Joanne Chambers received multiple death threats and questionable packages. Chambers reported every incident to the police, who in turn found a resemblance in the letters to statements that a fellow teacher, Paula Nawrocki, had made.

However, the police were unable to find evidence directly linking Nawrocki to the threats. Regardless, Nawrocki was arrested and charged with harassment. Nawrocki's defense team sent the threatening letters and envelopes to be tested for DNA. The lab was able to determine that the saliva found on the stamp and envelope did not match Paula, but rather it matched Joanne Chambers. It was then determined that Chambers was framing Nawrocki because she disliked the teacher and wanted her out of the school.

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