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Mary-Lynn Breeden was a 30-year-old woman killed in 1991. Her burned remains were discovered in a dumpster by janitor Milton Diaz on June 6, 1991.


It is believed on the night of July 5, 1991, Breeden left an after-hours night club shortly after daybreak with Christian Cruz. As Cruz drove her home, they had an argument that turned violent. Cruz struck Breeden on the head and face, then shot her three times in the head. He dumped her body in a dumpster, doused it in gasoline, then set it on fire.

Her body was identified by dental records. The police investigation found a woman attempting to withdraw money from Breeden's bank account, who then led them to Cruz. Blood found in Cruz's car was matched to DNA from Breeden's tooth pulp.

Cruz was charged on July 17, 1991 with second-degree murder. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.