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Invisible Intruder
Season 04, Episode 01
Invisible Intruder.jpg
Air Date October 6, 1999
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Invisible Intruder is the title of the first episode of Forensic Files's fourth season which was first broadcast on October 6, 1999.


In 1996, police in Rowlett, Texas received a call from Darlie Routier telling them of the murder of two of her sons. However, police were unsure about the validity of her story and began an intensive search of the crime scene.

The police determined the identity of the killer by analyzing blood spatter, doing behavioral profiling, and analyzing Routier’s 911 call. The evidence proved that she killed her two older sons with a knife, inflicted wounds on herself, cleaned the evidence, and created the story of a crazed intruder. Routier was convicted of first-degree murder.