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Badge of Deceit
Season 05, Episode 01
Air Date September 12, 2000
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Badge of Deceit refers to episode 1 of the Season 5 of the television series Forensic Files which was broadcast for the first time on September 12, 2000.

Plot summary

In the early 1980s, women in Lafayette, Louisiana live in fear of a rapist who becomes so experienced that he leaves no clues to his identity. But computer technology and behavioral science combine to give police a new forensic tool: geographical profiling.

Police narrow their search to one man, Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Ernest “Randy” Comeaux, after receiving an anonymous tip. After matching his DNA from a discarded cigarette butt to DNA recovered from one of the victims, investigators arrested Comeaux in January 1999, and he confessed to committing 14 rapes. He later pleaded guilty to six counts of aggravated assault and was sentenced to six life terms.